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Possibly my new favorite activity: lobbing spaghetti noodles into large crowds of people. #Osheaga2014

You're never too old for adult braces.

Not a word of a lie this happened: lost my debit card the first day of stampede and found it on the last. Thanks for that one universe.

Heck of week. Hard week of training plus a visit from my brother David and his teammate Kodi. Hope the Spartans...

I should probably get this sleeping thing under control. Had another 'nap' that turned into a 14 hour pass out.

I always feel great pride wearing this maple leaf. Thank you to the best country out there!


Haps to the bday, Canada. I bought you a cake, I'll go throw it in the woods for you to enjoy…

Heads up Toronto. I'm coming for you. Thanks to the @CDNOlympicTeam for letting me march with them in the parade tomorrow!